50 Millionen Jahre

Periode: Eozän
Ort: Green River Formation, Douglass Pass, Kolorado, USA

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Darwinists try to explain the question of how plants emerged by using the concept of ?chance.? They claim that an endless series of various plant species emerged, over the course of time and by chance, from one single original one-celled plant-which itself appeared as the result of chance. They also maintain that every species" own particular characteristics, such as its smell, structure and colors, are similarly the work of coincidence. Evolutionists seek to account for a seaweed turning into a strawberry, or a poplar tree or a rosebush, by saying that these diversifications were the results of circumstances established wholly by chance. Yet there is no scientific evidence to support this fantasy. On the other hand, there exist countless scientific data and findings that demolish evolutionists" claims. Countless examples are found in the fossil record, which shows that thousands of living species have persisted, totally unaltered, for hundreds of millions of years. This approximately 50-million-year-old poplar leaf fossil pictured here states by its very example that living things did not evolve, but were created.

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