6.7 Millionen Jahre

Periode: Miozän
Ort: Shan Dong, China

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In his book In Search of Deep Time, Henry Gee states that no evidence in the fossil record supports the theory of evolution and that on the contrary, evolutionists interpret the information available to them in a biased manner, in the light of their own preconceptions: The reason for this lies with the fact of the scale of geological time that scientists are dealing with, which is so vast that it defies narrative. (Henry Gee, In Search of Deep Time, Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1999, p. 1-2.) As Gee makes clear, the fossil record has shown that Darwinism’s claims regarding life and the origin of life are totally unrealistic. Countless examples, such as the 6.7-million-year-old sun bear skull shown here, prove that Darwinism consists of a hypothesis bearing no relation whatsoever to the true facts.

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