63 Millionen Jahre

Periode: Kreidezeit
Ort: Yun Nan, China

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Fossil skulls are among the best evidence that living things have never changed over the course of history, have never developed into other life forms, and that every living species has been created together with its own unique attributes. These proofs emphasize the dilemmas facing and illogicality of Darwinian thinking. The theory of evolution, which maintains that human beings are descended from apes, needs to explain why it is that no process similar to the imaginary transition from ape to human was ever undergone by any other form of life. Evolutionists have no answer to the question of why, for example, a jungle cat did not one day decide to walk upright on two legs, or why a fox did not improve its intelligence level and turn into a professor, or why a panda is unable to produce admirable works of art. Darwinism, depicted as a scientific theory, is in fact an unbelievable ideology.

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